Buying is very simple. Only you have to follow the following steps:

It chooses the section (woman - man), the type of product (clock - jewels) and the family.
The products appear for pages in groups. It advances the pages to see more articles.
Across a click, you will accede to the card of product to see extended the product, the reference, and the price.
If you like it, it adds the article to the basket touching the button TO SELECT. (In some articles you will have to indicate the height)
Later you can choose to continue buying or finish your purchase.
If you want to continue buying, it repeats the process.
If you want to proceed with the order, register.
As soon as you have introduced your information, you verify that they are correct and pulsates " TO REGISTER ".
Make sure yourself that the address of sending and turnover they are correct
It selects a method of payment: Card of credit or PayPal
It confirms the order(request).
You will receive an e-mail confirming to you your order.


Can I eliminate some article of my order?
Yes. From MY PURCHASE you will be able to eliminate the articles that you do not wish as long as you have not proceeded with the order.

How can I ensure of having realized well my purchase?
Once done your order, you will receive an e-mail of confirmation. If you were not receiving it, put in touch with our Customer Service.

My e-mail of confirmation contains some erroneous information
Put in touch with our Service of Attention to the Client. You should remember that you have 48 hours to communicate with us.

Can I cancel my order?
Yes. Put in touch with our Customer Service. You remember that you have 48 hours to communicate with us.

Can I realize the purchase in several meetings?
If. If you are a client registered, your cart will preserve your selection of articles as long as be available. Of this form, we facilitate your purchase to you in several meetings. You will be able to empty your cart and to eliminate articles of an individual to form before validating your purchase.

Some articles have disappeared off my cart:
Some articles have limited stock. If an article is exhausted, we would withdraw it from the web. For this reason, some articles cannot be available at the moment to validate your purchase.


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